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Our Kitchen

State of Art kitchen to match Mykhana’s commitment to provide excellence, hygiene and delivery of efficient catering service.


Food safety? Yessssss!

Staff hygiene, regular inspection, pest control, regular water sensory analysis, microbial lab tests and licensed vendors are part of our regular hygiene check as per FSSAI & WHO standards. By maintaining basic hygiene,we ensure avoiding cross-contamination and food borne illnesses.


Natural & Healthy food Services

Real Healthy Food? But how? Simple: we do it ourselves. With just as much as you would, just in bigger pots with home-made masalas. Hence, artificial colours, aromas, flavour enhancers, oils don't feature on our list.


Tasty yet Affordable

With the right set processes, centralized cloud kitchen ,Catering Services, ordering ingredients from source/ wholesale licensed vendors and by offering a menu which is limited yet more designed by our passionate chefs. We make sure we provide the best meal at an affordable price.


Cutting Edge Equipment

Currently serving 3000 meals a day from our exclusive state-of- the-art central kitchen spread over 5000 sq.feet. Our kitchen has the best quality ventilation systems, Plumbing, and refrigeration. It is Well equipped with ultra-modern cutting-edge production equipment and gadgets that is designed explicitly for bulk food production that also comprises safety Factors and Useful in Corporate events, Corporate Catering , Corporate Caterers , corporate Services in Bangalore.


Quality Control

Our professional chefs follow process driven preparation techniques which are monitored by our Culinary head. We procure our raw material directly from source/wholesale licensed vendors. Our internal quality control inspectors ensures the use of fresh raw materials for preparing meals, carries out regular inspections of staff and equipment, general hygiene, packaging and delivery processes and the simultaneous functions in the kitchen are monitored using CCTV cameras for Better catering services and corporate Catering Orders.