Tasty yet affordable food, we serve natural and Healthy food Services.

We believe healthy food creates a healthy mind, body & soul. This has been our motto so that you don't miss out on Ghar ka Khana & Order from Mykhana corporate caterers.

Our menu includes:

  • North Indian

  • South Indian

  • Continental

  • Oriental

  • Packed Meals

  • Snacks

What’s the secret to organizing a successful corporate event? It’s likely a pleasing environment, boosted employees, enthusiastic hosts, and great arrangements. What else? Undoubtedly, the lip-smacking and nourishing meals. Corporate events aren’t complete without tasty meals from various regions of the country, whether Dal Makhni from North India or Sambhar Dosa from South India.

Managing everything from catering to the decoration of the event is a pretty hectic task. You always need someone to manage the catering part smoothly without bothering your company’s other operations. Corporate catering services are all you need to get help in this situation. Hiring a professional team of cooks is the most feasible option to prepare the food for your corporate events at an affordable price with great taste. MyKhana’s Corporate Catering Service is one of the best catering service providers that have the best chefs with incredible cooking skills required to make the best home-cooked food. They are well-versed in creating exotic dishes. Our Chefs are trained to manage the catering part single-handedly without any ups and downs.

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We are always prepared to prepare the highest quality meals for your guest speakers, stakeholders, employees, and many others with utmost hygiene and safety. Our food with adequate species and ingredients will give them the fondness of Ghar Ka Khana. Read more about catering for corporate events and occasions.

Best Corporate Catering Services For Corporate Events & Institutions

What’s the Best Industrial Catering Service In Bangalore or around India? MyKhanna is one of the best corporate catering services in Bangalore and other parts of India. We provide quality corporate catering services to companies and help in food preparation for their events and other kinds of gatherings. Our culinary team always prepares food while considering three important factors: Hygiene, Taste, and Nutritional Preference.

We are here to bring smiles and enlighten the mood of your event’s guests with our delicious food prepared by a team of the finest chefs. Who doesn’t want to eat Ghar Ka Khana? Our chefs ensure the food tastes and look like it has been cooked at home with all the necessary precautions.

Nowadays, judging between healthy and unhealthy food has become pretty difficult. You never know which ingredient isn’t good for your health. We at MyKhanna ensure that all the ingredients are fresh and not contaminated to offer the best taste.

We have varied dishes for different kinds of corporate events, such as customer visits, top-level management meetings, C-level executive dinners, award functions, annual gatherings, launches, marketing events, etc. We are currently providing corporate catering services to over 3000 users. Our team of professional chefs and organizers ensures that our office catering is the best in class.

What Does Our Delicious Menu include?

You will be amazed by the variety of super-delicious dishes on our menu for corporate events and institutions. Our veteran cooks have designed this menu with all their experience and knowledge. They can also help you craft the food menu for your corporate events that suit your taste, event, lifestyle, and budget.

MyKhana’s Menu has a variety of dishes that will make you fall in love with our menu in a matter of seconds. It has everything from delish dishes to delightful desserts. Our menu is composed of five styles of foods:

  1. South Indian
  2. North Indian
  3. Oriental Meals
  4. Continental Meals
  5. Lite Snacks

One of the key highlights of our menu is that it has a dedication section for health-conscious people. You can blindly proceed with our healthy menu. This makes MyKhana the best corporate catering service in the catering industry.

Is MyKhaana Corporate Catering Available Near Me?

You only need to search Corporate Catering Near Me. You’ll definitely find us around you. MyKhana is available in PAN India. We have worked with many corporate companies from different parts of India and cooked the best quality food for their events. MyKhana is also now available online. You can visit the MyKhana Online Order section and place orders ranging from one to as many as you want. This section also displays all the names of the dishes along with some additional information to help you craft the best meal menu for your corporate event. You can enquire about our corporate employee catering services to prepare the best quality food for your corporate events and employees.

What Makes MyKhaana the Best Corporate Catering Service Provider?

Meals by MyKhana symbolizes Ghar Ka Khana. The food is made with the same natural and healthy ingredients, the same recipe, and similar emotions. Our culinary team always ensures that the food tastes like it is prepared at home. Thus, you never miss Ghar Ka Khana with MyKhana.

MyKhana offers the best catering for business events. It isn’t the best corporate catering service not only for one reason. It has plenty of features that differentiate it from corporate catering companies.

  1. Food Safety: We take all essential precautions to cook meals with utmost hygiene. Our kitchens are regularly sanitized and cleaned by professionals to ensure nothing affects the quality of the food. We always prefer using RO canned water for cooking meals and avoiding tap water that can contain harmful bacteria. Our team also conducts regular inspections, water analysis, and microbial lab tests at specific intervals to ensure everything is under control and hygienic.
  2. FSSAI Certified: One thing that makes us one of the best corporate food suppliers is that it has been investigated by the government food authorities. MyKhanna is FSSAI certified, which ensures the food is safe and passes all the hygiene tests. We follow all FSSAI and WHO regular standards to make our food delightful as well as nutritious at the same time. One thing that makes us the
  3. Natural Ingredients: Real natural and natural ingredients have always made our clients happy. MyKhana never uses aromas, artificial colors, flavor enhancers, and oils, as we believe in providing authentic taste using natural ingredients. We use traditional methods to produce ingredients with all mandatory precautions to maintain cleanliness.
  4. Finest Chefs: Regular inspections and the making of natural ingredients can’t be completed without a team of specialized chefs. We have got top-notch chefs, and they know how to cook delicious food keeping customers’ health in mind.
  5. Affordable: You can afford us, and we assure you about that. Ghar Ka Khana should always be affordable so everyone can relish it. We aspire to provide the best meal at an affordable price. Most importantly, we don’t compromise on the quality of meals even if we offer them at an affordable cost. Our affordable pricing makes us the best corporate caterers in Bangalore and around India.
  6. Proper SOPs: Our chefs are well trained to prepare meals with the handed-over SOPs. We instruct them properly before cooking the food, so they always cook as the client wants. We have drafted special guidelines that help us make our food much more delicious.
  7. Quality Control: Quality control is important that’s what makes us the industrial catering service provider out there. Our culinary head regularly monitors the process and techniques used by our skilled chefs. Our internal quality control inspectors always ensure that the raw materials from licensed vendors are fresh and safe to use in the meals. We have a dedicated team that inspects the packaging and delivery processes to ensure the food is packed safely and reaches customers with utmost care.




At MyKhana, we understand the importance of nourishing your team with delicious and healthy meals. That's why we offer comprehensive corporate catering services tailored to meet the unique needs of your office, corporation, startup, or institution. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, tea & snacks, or dinner, our team of experienced chefs and caterers will provide mouth-watering meals that will delight your team's taste buds and because we believe in the importance of employee wellness, we use minimally processed, seasonal ingredients to emphasise on nutrition and cater to everyone's dietary needs.

No matter the size of your event, whether it's a large corporate event or a small office party, we'll work with you to create a custom catering package that fits your specific needs and budget. From menu planning to setup and cleanup, our experienced team will take care of everything, leaving you free to focus on the important aspects of your event. Trust MyKhana to provide your team with delicious and nourishing meals, so they can stay focused and energised throughout the day.


We offer comprehensive cafeteria management services for offices, corporations, startups, and institutions. We provide daily catering for breakfast, lunch, tea & snacks, and dinner, with a focus on employee wellness. Our menu includes a variety of lip-smacking Indian, flavoursome Chinese, appetising Continental, and scrumptious Oriental cuisines, catering to everyone's taste. We use minimally processed, seasonal ingredients to emphasise on nutrition, and cater to everyone’s dietary needs. Let MyKhana take care of your cafeteria needs and give your employees the nourishing food they deserve.


We offer exceptional corporate event catering services to make your planning process easy and stress-free. Whether you are organising a quarterly lunch, safety meeting, or holiday party for your whole company, our team will customise a menu and set of services to fit your needs and budget. We excel in providing unmatched catering services for large gatherings, taking into consideration the culture and taste of your company. Our menu is tailored to your specific requirements, guaranteeing that your employees will love the food served at your event.


Maniram Phokral, Area Sales Director of Sarovar Group, has had a positive experience with Mykhana. He mentions that the food is fantastic and that he regularly orders combo meals. He also mentions that he is happy with the quality of the food and service at Mykhana and plans to continue visiting the MyKhana in the future.

Mykhana Corporate Catering Services has done an excellent job in terms of the quality and consistency of their food, as well as maintaining high levels of hygiene. The management and team at Mykhana have also been very customer-friendly and efficient in handling any complaints. Mr. Manoj Nair, President of Novel Group, highly recommends Mykhana and plans to extend their partnership to new properties as they become available.

Enjoy our fine flavour of cooking..!!

We belive that we can cook the best food for your corporate event to match Mykhana’s commitment to provide excellence, hygiene and delivery of efficient catering services.