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Mykhana has done a very good job in terms of quality of food with this consistency and I think more importantly the hygiene levels have been maintained for sure at par excellence which is not a very easy thing to do in a catering business, I've also noticed that the approach of the management and the team has been very customer friendly they've been very good with the job of handling any customer complaints. I think the management must have done a good amount of thinking to make sure that the training imparted to the employees to maintain the service levels. We are coming out of a couple of more properties and I guess we will logically extend our partnership to Mykhana and wish them all the very best.

Our client list speaks for itself. Since our earliest days, We’ve served from start-ups to large companies with that same partnership approach and dedication at the core of every engagement.

Maniram Phokral, Area Sales Director of Sarovar Group, has had a positive experience with Mykhana. He mentions that the food is fantastic and that he regularly orders combo meals. He also mentions that he is happy with the quality of the food and service at Mykhana and plans to continue visiting the MyKhana in the future.

Mykhana Corporate Catering Services has done an excellent job in terms of the quality and consistency of their food, as well as maintaining high levels of hygiene. The management and team at Mykhana have also been very customer-friendly and efficient in handling any complaints. Mr. Manoj Nair, President of Novel Group, highly recommends Mykhana and plans to extend their partnership to new properties as they become available.

Enjoy our fine flavour of cooking..!!

We belive that we can cook the best food for your corporate event to match Mykhana’s commitment to provide excellence, hygiene and delivery of efficient catering services.